job again
So I had an appt on thurs to say I would take the pay cut and hours and on Monday they called and said they had no work for me so I shouldn't bother coming in. I asked for that in writing and got back a letter from ADP which says "my period of leave had expired and I chose not to come back to work", which means I can't get unemployment. But why would I have had a appt with them that week if I was abandoning my job? And... can you fire someone out on disability? And I don't know where to go to get more disability - my money in state claim ran out so I am brining in no $. And feel like shit about it. Helpful suggestions welcomed... Dawn

going back to work(?)
I met with my employers on coming back to work,om June 1st, which they assure me they need me. BUT they want my pay to be $3 less and even more part time. I am hurt and pissed off and don't know what to say to them

key signature?
anna laugh

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Happy (significant) Birthday Indigohat!!!!!
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Life Questions
Hey all~

I am seeking info for an upcoming project. If possible I would love to hear form you 1) what the top 3 challenges in your life. and 2)if you were to see assistance with these challenges, in what form would that be? (i.e., on the web, read articles, call a friend, seek professional help from a counselor, a coach, etc.)

Thanks for your help with this!


prayers needed for the wildfire areas (and us)

Its very eerie to be seeing all the devastation happening and being 3,000 miles away and unable to do anything about it. Four years ago I was out walking in the ash-laden air, or glued to the local 24 hour coverage of the fire-storms; trying to make sense of it all, but secure in the knowledge that I was able to make choices and keep my family safe. 
Funny, but I generally love the hot santa ana winds, and revel in them.  Now, I fear them.  I worry for all our friends who are having to flea the raging fires; I worry for our poor confused and frightened dogs who are terribly worried by our absence and the world gone smoky and strange; I worry that my job is gone and my family will be sorely affected in the wake of these events....  I ask for healing and gentle, steady rain to fall on all of southern california and mexico afflicted by the santa ana's.  We will be home to help with whatever we can on Wednesday night.

Bright Blessings and Dark Dreamings...


Re-po sted from The Rubber Rose's MySpace - re: fire donations

Monday, October 22, 2007


wanna help us help out sd fire victims?

hey loves,

we hope that you, your family and friends are all safe and well tonight.

the city seems to be upside down right now and unfortunately it doesn't look like we're in the clear just yet.

we know that many of our customers and friends have been affected by this, directly or indirectly and we would like to help out in any way we can.

we're also pretty sure that this beautiful and ever growing community around us is looking to do the same.

for that reason and many more, lea and i would like to offer the rubber rose gallery as a gathering center for donations that can later be taken to qualcomm, to goodwill or wherever they are needed most.

donations can be dropped of during our open hours three days this week:

2 pm to 10 pm - tuesday, october 23rd
2 pm to 10 pm - thursday, october 25th

and saturday, october 27th from noon to 5 pm.

below you will find a list of what seems to be needed most at this time -
we will do our best to update it as community needs change.

for those of you out there with trucks - please contact us directly if you can help us haul donations out once we have gathered what we can.

* * *

list 'o stuff needed:

- cat and dog food (canned)
- pet carriers (all sizes)
- blankets, pillows and towels
- Prepared Foods (not homemade, sorry - no love muffins for this round...)
- prepared VEGAN and vegetarian foods - clearly labeled as such!!
- Water
- Tents
- Cots
- Sunscreen
- Canopies for Shade
- games, coloring books, toys, journals and markers, etc. for the kiddos
- unopened boxes of tampons, pads and general toiletries
- books! lots and lots of books!
- magazines, playing cards, etc. - people are gonna get bored!

and last but not least - cash. it's not as fun as running around looking for crayons and kitten food - but it's the best way to pay for all of the extra needs people will have at this time.

we will keep you posted on how much is gathered and wish to thank you in advance for your help!

* * *

if you would like to volunteer more directly in this city wide effort,
please check out:

they are an excellent volunteering resource.
below is a message they sent today.

We ( are working with the County, 2-1-1, and the Red Cross to identify volunteer needs in regards to the wildfires. Currently, trained first responders are assisting. Please DO NOT go to the evacuation sites or leave donations. Volunteer San Diego will post and distribute volunteer opportunities related to the fires as they become available.

Current volunteer openings

* 2-1-1 is seeking volunteers to help in the next 72 hours to take calls and/or fill other roles at 2-1-1 should that be needed. Shifts are about four hours and training is available. If interested, email Meg Storer at with your name, phone number where you can be reached, your email address, and the dates/times that work best with your schedule. A 2-1-1 person will contact you directly once you send that information.

To receive e-mail announcements of wildfire volunteer opportunities, register for Volunteer San Diego's newsletter and choose 'Wildfires 10.07' list.

To make a donation of clothing or household goods, please inquire with the following organizations:

*St. Vincent De Paul - 619-446-2100
*Goodwill - 886-446-6394
*Salvation Army - 619-231-6000

Best resources:

****Also you can dial 211 from any wireless phone to get the latest information and speak to a live agent.

Happy 1st Birthday Kiara!

From then to now…
What a difference a year makes!
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scary. just f*ing scary

Republican Candidates speak at straw poll

August 11, 2007

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee stressed his poor, rural upbringing and his presidential campaign's appeal as an alternative to his better-known rivals during his remarks at the Iowa Republican Party's straw poll in Ames.

"Let me say it very clear today. I'm not the best-funded candidate in America," Huckabee told an audience of thousands at Iowa State University's Hilton Coliseum. "I can't buy you. I don't have the money. I can't even rent you."

Huckabee, who has pinned his campaign's future on a strong showing at the non-binding straw poll, focused on his up-from-nothing narrative.

He also emphasized his support for eliminating the U.S. tax code and replacing it with a consumption tax known by its supporters as "the fair tax."

"We need to take this campaign change our tax system. We need to completely rid ourselves of the current tax and penalty on productivity," Huckabee said.

Huckabee, a former Baptist minister, has sought the support of evangelical Christians in Iowa, a large and devoted bloc of GOP caucusgoers.

Huckabee noted his firm opposition to abortion rights, an outsized issue among Iowa's Republican base and one that has sparked exchanges between Huckabee and opponent Mitt Romney, who supported abortion rights until his term as Massachusetts governor.

"We are a people of life," Huckabee said. "Today, we wait anxiously for the fate of those coal miners in Huntington, Utah, not because we know them personally, but because they are fellow human beings."

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas touted himself during the Iowa Republican Party's straw poll as the candidate of freedom and liberty, who strongly believes in strictly following the Constitution.

“Our campaign is all about freedom and prosperity and peace,” Paul said.

Government, he said during his speech, is at the heart of many problems. If elected president, he would get rid of the U.S. Department of Education, the IRS and other federal bureaucracies.

While the federal government must provide for a strong national defense, Paul said it has not handled the threat of terrorism well, and bureaucrats have gotten in the way of people being able to defend themselves. “I think 9-11, quite frankly, could have been prevented if we had had a lot more respect for the Second Amendment," he said, referring to gun ownership rights.

Paul reached out to conservatives on the issue of school choice, saying, “One of most important of choices we should have is in the education of children, so home schoolers and private schoolers are never attacked by our government."

On the abortion issue, the Texas congressman said the rights of the unborn must be protected. “I can assure you that life begins at conception. And as an OB doctor I have a legal responsibility to take care of that life ...There is no reason that this government can’t protect life.”

Paul decried runaway federal spending, the welfare state, illegal immigration “and a very unfair tax system.” He also complained that “neoconservatives have taken over the traditional conservatives and they don’t have the respect for national borders that they should.”

Chicago businessman John Cox joked about his anonymity in the Republican presidential field during his speech to GOP activists at the state party's straw poll in Ames today.

"I'm one of you. I'm not a governor. I'm not a senator," Cox, a former president of the Cook County Republican Party. "Most importantly, I'm a conservative Republican who wants principles and integrity back in our Republican Party."

Cox has campaigned in Iowa, the leadoff nominating caucus state, but has registered little support in public opinion polls of preference among caucusgoers.

Cox, CEO of a Chicago-based food company, stressed his experience in the private sector as his chief attribute.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the field of candidates and touted his outsider candidacy as a strength.

"There's a whole series of fairy tales that begin with: If elected, I promise," Cox said. "Now you know why I'm running for president, because a lot of people you and I elected and sent to Washington forgot their promise."

Cox railed against Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican presidential candidate not participating in the straw poll, for supporting a failed immigration bill that would have allowed people in the United States illegally.

Cox was one of eight GOP prospects participating in the straw poll, with McCain, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson deciding to bypass the event.

"Let's send a message that we want something better, that we're tired of empty promises," he said.

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado, speaking at the Iowa Republican Party's straw poll in Ames, promised to be a strong defender of the nation’s borders and its culture.

“We will fight to secure the borders of America and never give amnesty to illegal aliens,” the presidential candidate vowed. “We will deport people who are here illegally, because that is the law."

Tancredo said it was wrong to go soft on the 20 million people living in the country illegally, but he also blamed Washington leaders for a lack of backbone. “We see them demanding rights that our only reserved for citizens, because Washington has failed to do its job,” he said.

The country is also threatened by multiculturalism and forms of political correctness, Tancredo said. In public schools, Judeo-Christian principles are disparaged, and Christmas and Easter “are words that are banned.”

On the world stage, "we are engaged in a war for the survival of our Republic and the American way of life,” said Tancredo, and yet there are political leaders who do not acknowledge a clash of civilizations pitting the West against militant Islam.

In prosecuting the war in Iraq, Tancredo said he would unleash the military, not put restrictions on it. “The only rule of engagement in a Tom Tancredo administration is, "'We win. You lose.’”

On issues that are key to social conservatives, Tancredo said, “We will defend marriage as a sacred union between one man and one woman. We will fight to overcome the abomination that is Roe v. Wade,” the Supreme Court ruling that established the legality of abortion.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney promoted himself today at the Iowa
Republican Party's straw poll in Ames as a change candidate during his speech to thousands of GOP stalwarts at Iowa State University's Hilton Coliseum.

"What brought us here is that change begins in Iowa and change begins today," said Romney, the heavy favorite for the non-binding test of campaign strength in Iowa. "If there's ever been a time we need to see a change in Iowa, it's now."

Romney ticked off the three elements of his campaign theme: Strong military, strong economy and strong families.

He emphasized his commitment to adding 100,000 troops to the military, providing middle-income Americans with a tax incentive for savings and strictly enforcing the nation's obscenity laws.

Romney also gave a nod to President Bush, whose popularity has sagged since his 2004 re-election but remains popular among the Iowa GOP base.

"I know it's kind of popular as of late for a lot of people, in the media and other places, to be critical of the president. There's no one that's perfect," he said. "But let's not forget at least one thing. And that is he has kept us safe these last six years. And it's not been easy. That's not an easy job."

Romney had thousands of supporters in the basketball arena wearing yellow T-shirts and waving red foam-plastic mitts, called "Mitt Mitts."

Romney was the first of eight presidential candidates to speak. Voting in the non-binding straw poll was to end at 6 p.m., with results reported at 7 p.m.


Bachelorette Party

Tonight we celebrate nature grrrls upcoming nuptials with Bitchy Bingo at LIPS!

Should be a good time....

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